Worthing beach photo mystery – Can you help?

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boat on worthing beachThis photograph was recently sent to the Worthing Youth Council by Anne Ford a resident of the borough.

In the photo are members of Anne’s family. On receipt of the Photograph, Shirley Robinson Viney (Worthing Youth Council Adult Faciliitator) contacted Anne for more information.

Printed below are the questions Shirley asked with the answers Anne mailed back.

Is this picture on the beach in Worthing?

My dear mum is the little girl in the middle and was taken around 1936. If it is not Worthing it is somewhere close by but my mum told me about this picture (only found it after she died sadly) and said it was in Worthing. Pier doesn’t look like Worthing? Any thoughts?

Is mum in the photo Anne?

Daphne is the girl holding my mum’s hair! I have printed off the picture to send to her as she is the only one still alive. She may be able to throw some light on where it is.

Is that nanny with the hat on at the front?

Certainly is and her mother is the older lady sitting on the boat.

We think the photograph was taken on Worthing Beach with the Pier in the background. If you look closely you can see a break in the Pier which probably suggests this photograph was taken shortly after The Great fire of 1933 when it was being repaired.

Can you help?

Can you help us date when this photograph was take?

Did you know any of the adults or children in the photograph?

Do you know who took this photograph?

If you can help us answer these questions please e-mail: info@worthingpier.org.uk

Phil BracegirdleWorthing beach photo mystery – Can you help?

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