Worthing Pier Past, Present and Future Celebration – Resources for schools

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The Schools’ Resource pack contains two Literacy and Art activities for Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils. A brief description of each activity can be found below. To access the full set of resources just click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Resource 1 – Art             Worthing Pier, Past, Present and Future Poster

pier art 1

Activity: Design a poster of the Pier. Your poster can display a scene from the period dating right back to the Victorian period or show the Pier today or represent what you believe the Pier will look like in the future.

All entries can be on A2 or A3 paper, card or canvas and can be created using any of the following materials: pencil, paint, felt tips, charcoal, crayons, oils or lino printing.

Can you make a 3-D model. The simple answer is “yes.” So if you have any unwanted cardboard boxes, pieces of wood or polystyrene then you have the tools to create a super model of our famous pier.

Getting Started (Time to open your Resources Pack!)

View the 6 Art Works of Worthing Pier. When do you think each piece was created?

Place the art works in chronological order under the headings Past, Present and Future. 

Look carefully at each scene. What can you see in the foreground and background? Suggest a title for each of the pieces of art work?

The actual titles for each art piece can be found in your resources pack.

 Got the idea?

Now it is your turn! Create your own art work to represent what the Pier looked like in the past, what it looks like today or what it might look like in the future?


Resource 2 – Literacy

Inside your resource pack are photographs of the 1933 Worthing Pier fire and the report that featured in the the Daily Sketch on Friday 11th September 1933. Use these resources and the writing template to write your own news report about the fire.

Pier Fire 1933

What started the great fire of 1933 that nearly destroyed Worthing Pier?

The fire that started on the 10th September 1933 and destroyed the Southern Pavilion and most of the of the old Victorian Pier. Following extensive restoration work the Pier re-opened to the public in July 1935.

Fireman and holiday makers attempted all afternoon to stop the fire spreading and rescue furniture and ornaments from the blazing Pier.

Getting Started

“Every picture tells a story! – Examine the two photographs of the fire. List all the things you can see in Photograph A and Photograph B. Who do you think took each photograph?

Now read the account of the fire published in the Daily Sketch  on Friday 11th September 1933. Use the information published in the report to answer the questions below.

Fire Photos a and B 1933

  • When did this happen?
  • What started the fire?
  • Where did the fire start?
  • Who tried to put out the fire and save the pier?
  • Why was not all the pier damaged by fire?

Main Activity: You are a news reporter present at the scene. Using the information you have gathered write a report about The Great fire of 1933 for The Argus. Include in your report details about:

In your report consider including interviews with eye witnesses. For example: Worthing Pier Master Reginald Payne or The Argus photographer Alan Duncan?

Worthing Pier Past, Present and Future Schools’ Resources Pack (PDF)



Phil BracegirdleWorthing Pier Past, Present and Future Celebration – Resources for schools

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