On the Beach

On the Beach
Ice cream tasty
It won’t be pasty
Happy days all summer long

Paddling, swimming is so fun
Please don’t drown
That won’t be fun
Happy days all summer long

Swimming, ice cream been so fun
Time to pop into the arcade
Now all evening long
Time to go home now
Hope to come back soon

Isaac Sage and Bobby Read (age 11, West Park CofE First and Middle school)

Worthing pier

Wonderful windbreaks
Optimistic children
Refreshing wind
Tiny fish
Happy families
Ice cream and chips
Naughty seagulls
Grand structures

Peaceful air
Incredible views
Enticing amusements
Relaxed attraction


Pleasure of the pier

Salt water cascades over the rusting supports of the heart of Worthing and fish intertwine with the sea.
Bitter winds and cloudy skies don’t dampen excited families spirits.
Ice cream and chips are enjoyed and shared. Amusements are
Played and fish are caught.
One pier; a whole lot of pleasure.
Pleasure on the pier.


The following acrostic poem is composed solely from the descriptions and thoughts of residents of Worthing and users of the pier. The whole poem is therefore a series of quotes that describe our pier as it is today…

What makes Worthing a seaside town and not just a town by the sea.
Open for all, the old and young, rich and poor.
Reaches out nationally and internationally attracting visitors from near and far.
The traditional sea side attraction, you can’t visit Worthing and miss the pier.
Historic emblem of our town.
Iconic part of Worthing. It makes me proud to live here.
Never going to become boring. I loved the pier as a child, now and always will do.
Generates community spirit. It brings Worthing resident together.

Peaceful, relaxing and scenic unlike many other piers.
Interesting, I didn’t realise there was so much history to Worthing pier.
Easy yet entertaining day out and a way to please the grandchildren.
Respectable, I believe a lot of people respect the pier for what it is and offers.

It is hoped that in 25 years-time the pier still fits the descriptions above and continues to fulfil its purpose of bringing the Worthing community together and offering free fulfilling relaxation and entertainment for those of all ages, both genders and social standing.

David Price
Worthing Youth Council Chair

The Parent Pier

Standing solitarily amongst the soldiering waves,
The Worthing Pier glistens under the midnight sky,
Finally alone after a hard day’s work,
It rests peacefully, as the wind wafts by,
He watches the soaring birds as his eyes close,
He remembers the birdman, plunging himself into the depths,
Of the sea, that was his dear friend,
And his mind drifts off, to his other friend, the kite surfer
Who had dreams and goals that made us all excited,
But it made the Pier most proud of such a wonderful endeavour,
Like a proud parent, who had never, wherever or whatsoever,
Imagined such a beautiful sight,
Of profound tranquillity,
Natural serenity,
Amongst The Parent Pier,
who’s soul would last forever.

Shehram Shafique
Youth Councillor elected 2013

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