Worthing Pier – Short films and videos

This section of the website features short films and videos of the Pier dating back from the present day to the early 1930’s. To view each video just click on the image below the title.

Have you or a member of your family in the past filmed and created a short video about the Pier? Maybe you own a copy of a short cine film dating back to the 1930’s or 1940’s? If you would like to showcase your film on the Worthing Pier Past, Present and Future website please contact: shirley.robinsonviney@ntlworld.com

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British Pathe Worthing Pier Video Collection

british pathe logo2British Pathé is the finest film and newsreel archive in the world, spanning from 1896 to 1976 and containing 85,000 individual film items and 12 million stills.

To view the 4 British Pathe videos about Worthing click on the image below the title.

For information about how to purchase high resolution copies of these clips visit: http://www.britishpathe.com/



1933 Pier fireCigarette or Incendiary? 1933

Worthing Pier Pavilion destroyed by fire – causing £30,000 damage.  Views of Worthing Pier after a fire in the Pavilion. Pan along the pier to the sea front. Various shots of the seafront and the burnt out pier.


kids fishing 1936Kids Fishing on Worthing Pier 1936

Worthing, West Sussex. Group of boys and girls with fishing rods walking along the pier. Shots of the sea front.

Various shots of the young sea anglers casting their lines from the pier. Shots of them putting on bait, fixing rods and casting out their lines. Some of those angling are just dangling a line without using a rod.


kite fishing 1956Kite Fishing on Worthing Pier 1956

Worthing Pier, West Sussex. Alan Hervey who is over in the UK with the Mapleleaf Four singing group, shows off his hexagonal pink rayon kite.

View various people on the pier at Worthing, including fishermen and children. Watch the fishermen winding their lines. Alan flies his pink kite, children watch. Short but good images of children and people on the pier looking up, watching the kite.


water safety 1960Water safety demonstration on Worthing seafront 1960

The film shows two young boys on the beach at Worthing, West Sussex, throwing pebbles into the sea. One of them looks shocked for a moment and laughs when a diver surfaces clutching his head and shaking his fist at the boys who run off in the direction of the Italian-style cinema.


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Worthing Pier at the heart of the local community!

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SS Balmoral docking 2011The Balmoral docking at Worthing Pier with a bump!!!! 2011

Steamships have docked at Worthing Pier since 1897 with a daily service from Worthing to Brighton Chain Pier. This service continued until it was suspended in 1939 and the Pier was sectioned to prevent any possible German invasion of the south coast during World War II. At the end of the war the service was re-opened.

Famous paddle steamers that have departed from the Pier in the past have included The Worthing Belle and The Waverley.

Here is a video of the steam ship Balmoral docking at Worthing pier on the 6/8/2011


birdman international 2013Worthing International Birdman 2013 Competition – Competitors fly off pier in British ‘birdman festival’

The Worthing International Birdman event is a competition for human powered flying machines that take off from a special ramp constructed on Worthing Pier.  There are 3 flying classes so prospective entrants can decide if they wish to be a serious aviator or want to take part for fun and raise money for charity. This event brings thousands of visitors to Worthing over the weekend, gaining both national and international publicity.

fireworksThe Worthing Festival Firework display

Click on the image above to view a video of the 2011 display.

The festival is an annual event organised by the Worthing Lions. The Festival Weekend is organised by the Worthing Lions Club and profits are used to help good causes. Over 22 years The Lions have donated more than £450,000 to good causes, with the vast majority for the benefit of people in the Worthing area. The Fire Work festival will be held this year on Saturday 25th July 2015. The firework display takes place at the end of Pier close to the Southern Pavilion.

The Southern Pavilionsouthern pavilion

The original Southern Pavilion was built on the Pier in 1889. The structure has been demolished, redesigned and used for various purposes over the past 125 years. Once a night club and before that a dance hall the buildling today can be hired for wedding receptions, private functions and corporate events. This video celebrates the most recent opening in 2014. Visit the photo gallery to see what the Pavilion looked like in the past.


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