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Group preparing to interview image Tonight we had the chance to interview people about their memories of Worthing Pier.

This was an opportunity for us to practice what we had learnt last week.

We then discussed the process to decide what we would do differently next time.

Thank you to the 5 people who helped us.

Worthing Youth CouncilInterviews and training

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  1. Ollie Rawlings

    Good to get some experience in the interview section of the project. It’s refreshing to hear how the pier contributes to Worthing’s image and also the development of the seafront in recent decades.

  2. Panha Morgan

    I love being a part of W3PF! It’s been really interesting finding out more about the history of the pier. The interview last night was very successful. I can’t wait to uncover more about the pier and everything that surrounds it! Worthing is truly a remarkable place.

    1. Post
      Worthing Youth Council

      We have an open day planned for Monday 27th October (half term) is anyone interested in helping me – possible opportunity for interviewing people, filming and taking some photos?
      Southern Pavillion 11am – 4 pm – if you want to commit to 1 or 2 hours that’s fine, I will be there all day. Bring money for drinks. Contact me to let me know please…

  3. Shehram Shafique

    This sounds like a fantastic project! I look forward to seeing the steps Worthing Youth Council will take in exploring the history behind our pier, as well as the bright future that surrounds it.

  4. Magda

    I really enjoy being part of this project. It was very interesting listening to the people interviewed. I love finding out about the history of the Worthing Pier. I think it’s going great so far and I’m looking forward to any further work on this and what the future will bring to this great pier 🙂

  5. Shirley Robinson-Viney

    Next photography training Thursday 30th for the young people who put their names down…. 10am – 4pm at town Hall don’t forget to bring a packed lunch and drinks!

  6. Aftab Ahmad

    A nerve-racking but delightful experience interviewing people on the Pier this afternoon! Also, the way the waves glittered was magnificent 😎

  7. Shirley Robinson-Viney

    Don’t forget the photography training this Saturday at Jessops, 10am – 4pm…. Bring drinks and packed lunch…..

  8. Shirley Robinson-Viney

    Fabulous day being trained on the use of the cameras. We now have some amazing photographs of our wonderful Pier and some brilliant canvases. Thank you Jordan for the informative day you gave us at Jessops academy

  9. Shirley Robinson-Viney

    Amazing photographs taken during the training session with Jessops….some really great atmospheric shots… soon to be up loaded into picture gallery

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