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Hello and welcome to Worthing Pier’s Past, Present and Future Blog! I’m Sherry, Press Officer at Worthing and Adur Youth Council, and on behalf of all Youth Councillors, I welcome you on this historical journey to: promote the greatness that our pier holds, get involved in any upcoming events, and much more. We feel as representatives of our community that the pier does not get the recognition it deserves and, with the help of the general public, we can all make the pier standout through its illustrious history, current proceedings, and of course, future aspirations. We look forward to gaining as much support as possible from citizens of all ages, in a project that will reinstate the integral role our pier has in Worthing.

Worthing Youth CouncilWelcome to the W3PF? blog!

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  1. Shirley Robinson-Viney

    Thank you to all those people who spoke to us on the Pier on Sunday at our launch…. Please get in touch with those lovely stories you shared with us… We really must CAPTURE your past memories so they are not lost!
    A trip to the museum is next on our list to see what they have in their reference section…. Lots of hard work in store but everyone on the Youth Council is really ‘up for it!’

  2. Jen

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this project develop over the next couple of years – I shall watch this space (website is looking very flash by the way)

  3. Shirley Robinson-Viney

    A huge thank you to Chris Hare who gave us an amazing talk on the rise of Piers from 1833 to date… My how things have changed, design, length and of course decency! What would the Victorians think of things as they are today I wonder?

  4. Shirley Robinson-Viney

    Does anyone have any stories or photographs of the Pier in years gone by? The Youth Council would really love to record these stories and scan the pictures for future Worthing residents to be able to read, see…
    Please contact us so we can get in touch. We really want to bring the past to life for our younger generations.

  5. Zandile

    Being a Worthing Youth Councillor offers so many opportunities, including this phenomenal once-in-a-lifetime project. Historian Chris Hare’s informative evening yesterday with regard to our pier definitely provided new insight and enthusiasm for the ever growing success of W3PF! We truly have an amazing pier, and this project is bubbling with potential!

  6. Shirley Robinson-Viney

    Hope those who attended the camera training had an informative session.

    Looking forward to the 2nd part of the interview training on Monday when we will have the opportunity to ‘interview’ some real people! I have all your questions typed up and ready for you all. Don’t forget to get to the town hall for 6.30 for a prompt start no later than 6.45.

  7. Post
    Worthing Youth Council

    Check out the new addition to our website… Teaching and Learning…. Something for pupils in YOUR school to get their teeth into I think.

  8. Shirley Robinson-Viney

    Really great start to getting local first and middle schools on board – I have already spoken to Durrington First and Middle and am in contact with Chesswood Middle and Ferring…. watch this space…

  9. Joshua

    As a Youth Councillor I have benefited from an amazing days training session on cameras and photography finishing with a hands on experience of taking photos on Worthing beach and pier – thanks you Jessops.!

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