What did people wear in the past on the promenade and the beach at Worthing?

clothes through the agesArtefact Handling session at Worthing Museum

Clothes through the ages – A visit by Worthing Youth Council Members to Worthing Museum and Art Gallery

IMG_5578It’s not many young people who are prepared to get up early and devote a full day to researching at a museum, however that is just what 6 members of the youth council did during half term.We met at 10am when the museum opens and started the day with a very informative presentation by Gerry Connolly the museum’s curator. We learnt about the way to handle artefacts and why it was important to do this correctly. Learning about bugs and chemicals which are on our skin and in the air was quite startling but very sobering.

This then moved appropriately onto the youth councillors searching for artefacts which they could link to the pier but also research deeper to give stories around their chosen article.

Once this was done we decided to have lunch, wash our hands etc. and get down to the hard work of looking, photographing and then writing about our chosen object.

It was interesting for me to discover the range of interests of the youth councillors, from bikinis to beach pyjamas to playing cards.

The articles which the youth councillors wrote were inspiring and showed how their knowledge of today was very different, even the punk jacket had a link to culture not only of yester year but of today also.

The youth councillors really threw themselves into the task they were given and enjoyed themselves in the process, And of course learning on the way.

Interestingly when I asked for volunteers to research at the library there was no shortage of hands in the air – maybe I need to organise a couple more sessions here?

Out grateful thanks to Worthing Museum staff and particularly Gerry

To read and learn more about the items we viewed at the museum click on the image below to read the pamphlet we have designed titled “Clothes through the ages.”

clothes cover




Phil BracegirdleWhat did people wear in the past on the promenade and the beach at Worthing?