Worthing Pier in the News Part II

New Daily Herald Worthing Pier and seafront reports added to the website!

More Daily Herald news reports about the town Pier and seafront dating back to the 1950’s and from 1990 to the present day have been uploaded to the the Worthing Pier, Past, Present & Future website. To view and read the reports either click on the thumbnails or the titles printed below.

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Researching at Worthing Library – Saturday 19th December 2015 (Report)

Some of the Youth Council members, along with Tim, Phil and a former youth mayor James, took a trip to Worthing Library to learn/use the microfiche machines to search through old Worthing Heralds for any mention of our Pier.  While it was a long and arduous task, that after a while started to hurt our eyes, it was quite successful as we found 28 excerpts to scan and upload to the website, expanding our pier data base even further. Half way through the day we made our way over to the Glyn Owen centre, and after a delicious lunch nicely provided by Shirley, turned the scanned excerpts into articles to upload to the W3PF website later. It was a productive day, as we learned a useful skill for later in life, and also found out many more things about our wondrous pier.

By – Cara Kennedy

small 25                   small 26

  25. 08.08.2002 19th Century Pier                    26. 01.09.2006 Deckchair Blaze

small 27                     small 28

27. 06.04.2006 Our Pier – has no peers!      28. 01.05.2003 Beach hut bonanza

small 29a                    small 30

29. 03.06.2008 Beside the seaside!           30. Blood on the dance floor!

small 31                       small 32

31. 08.02.2002 Robbed of mobile phone!       32. 10.02.1950 Violent Storms!

33. 10.03.1950 Sunniest early March!             34. 20.04.2014 Onlookers at regatta

35. 14.04.1950 Easter gales!                                 36. 20.07.2000 Rumble Time!

37. 13.04.2006 Eat your hear out!                      38. 17.08.2000 Crazy Time!  

39.   20.04.2006 End of the Pier!                        40. 18.10.2001 Tilting at windmills

41. Violence at big fair!                                          42. 14.04.2003 New celebrity series

43. 13.03.2003 Smuggling Tales!                        44. 17.04.2003 Cheers for Piers! 

45. 20.10.1950 Palm court concerts                   46. 24.02.1950 Anglers don’t care

47. 24.02.2003 King on the Pier!                        48. 27.10.2005 Fingers crossed!

49. 13.03.2003 Pajama Party

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