George and Wendy Ellsmore

George and Wendy Ellsmore

Both my wife, Wendy, and myself have a lot to thank Worthing pier for in the past.

In April 1967, we met at ballroom dancing lessons which were held at Goring Conservative Hall. After a few weeks, I stopped going to the classes. However, in June that year, Albert’s Museum, a new non alcohol disco, opened at the Southern Pavilion which I attended with some friends. Coincidentally, Wendy had also arranged to attend with some of her friends and I noticed her and asked her for a dance. We arranged to meet there the following week and continued dating and then married on 28 September 1968. From that chance meeting, we are now the proud parents of two daughters who have given us three granddaughters and, in March this year (2016) we became great grandparents of a beautiful baby girl.

All this is due to Worthing pier and that chance meeting at the Southern Pavilion.

In September 2018, we will be celebrating our Golden Wedding Anniversary and will be making enquiries about holding our celebration and renewal of vows in the Southern Pavilion, being the place we first started dating due to that chance meeting. We hope this will be possible.

Thank you, Worthing pier for giving me the chance to meet my wonderful wife and to enjoy nearly 50 years of happy marriage to her.

Tim HallGeorge and Wendy Ellsmore