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Worthing Pier Your Story

Joshua Davies

My favourite memory of the pier is going to the amusement arcade and only having one coin but coming home with hundreds. I love the pier and am proud to be part of the group promoting it as such a special place in Worthing.

Enid Parsons (Grandma)

My first memories of the pier were of when we moved here in 1969. I remember Grandpa fishing off the pier but have no memories of him catching anything! Walking around the pier on a sunny afternoon when the girls were little, usually on a Sunday.

Keith Davies (Grandad)

We moved to Worthing in 1990 but I have rarely been on the pier which is quite sad as I love history and have learnt a lot about the pier & its history from Joshua.

Nikki Davies (Mum)

I loved walking on the pier in the sunshine with my Mum & Dad when I was little and being able to have an ice cream as a treat. Today I still walk on the pier in all weathers but I still have to have an ice cream! When my our boys were small we would take them and Joshua, aged about 3, once sidled up to a very attractive young lady who was sitting on the deck against the windbreak in the sunshine, reading a book, he slid down until he was sitting beside her & just started chatting! His Dad was very impressed! Annual pantomime visits have been a must for us for many years and we still continue to go to the Pavilion Theatre.

Ashley Davies (Brother)

My memories of the pier are of my teenage years when I would go clubbing at the end of the pier. It always seemed a bit of a dangerous place to have a nightclub!

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