Worthing Museum trail – memory book

Worthing Pier is a very special place for both my wife and I, as it is where I proposed (and thankfully she accepted)
I chose Worthing Pier as we spent may happy hours walking on it, relaxing and watching the world go by.
John and Safiya Lulhan
14th February 2015

Worthing pier – After moving to Worthing 15 years ago I took my brother onto the pier, it was a very windy day and I learnt not to wear a flowy wrap around shirt!!!We walked toward the end of the Pier pretending to fly, my brother was 5 and small as we were pretending to fly the wind was so strong he actually started to fly. I had to grab him and hold him tight to my chest. This was a wonderful and memorable day
Michelle Clark
February 14th 2015

On our arrival from Australia wanting to experience England , meet people and make friends – Lily (7yrs) auditioned for a role in Peter Pan the Panto at the Pavilion Theatre 2011. A wonderful experience that she will never forget.
Thankful the scaffolding that protected the Mums and Dads picking up late at night at the stage door!
Megan Howdle

I do believe I recall one year that the paddle steamer The Waverley on its sea voyage struck into the end of the pier. I also recall spending a considerable chunk of change on the horse racing slot machine and mechanical monkey band inside the ‘New’ amusements
James Line

Whilst visiting the Pier with a plan to travel on the Waverley steamer. (April 1990) I was hanging onto the rails and realised I had gone into labour! I realised I couldn’t risk it !! 1.5hours later I delivered my second son in hospital. So a close call, the Waverley may have had to detour to Shoreham (Southlands Hospital)
Jennie Bauionn

Tim HallWorthing Museum trail – memory book