Worthing Museum Quiz Trail a success!

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Dates: 14th – 22nd February 2015 Venue: Worthing Museum

Worthing Youth Council members set up the trail on Friday 13th February ready for the forthcoming half term holiday. The museum staff were very pleased to have us and helped us arrange the displays.

To prepare for this event the youth councillors had met with the museum staff to create the quiz trail and the display. In all 3 different quiz trails were created, for different abilities/ages, and for families to do together.

Each day over the half term periods 2 to 4 Youth Councillors were present to help members of the Public complete the trail. The Youth Councillors helped members of the public find information about the town pier answer questions and talked about forthcoming events in the 2015 Pier past, Present and Future project including The Time Capsule and the Newspaper Writing competitions. By the end of the week over 150 members of the general public had completed the trail and many had submitted there entries in the Prize Draw.

Winners of the Worthing Pier Past, Present and Future competition were:

Alisha aged 7 and Ruth aged 8. Both girls will receive family Tickets to visit our new Worthing Borough Council Swimming Pool!

“Thank you everyone for joining us. The quiz was a great success that showed how well our Youth Group members adjusted their talks, speeches and presentations to the needs of different age groups in the community. Thank you everyone for joining us.”Shirley Robinson-Viney, Worthing Youth Council Coordinator
Tim HallWorthing Museum Quiz Trail a success!

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