Drama Scripts

Scene 1

Intro slide


Scene of beach with deck chairs and ice cream

Person 1- I can’t believe it

Person 2- We just buried the time capsule

Person 3- Just to think all that time and effort now on the Southern end of the pier near the Southern pavilion

ALL- For all to see

Person 2 – I wonder what the pier will be like in 20 years..I mean if you think about it its a long time!

ALL- Will it still be there?

Person 3-If it is do you think there will still be those addictive 2p machines in the amusement arcade!

Person 1- And the grabber machines!

Person 2- I really hope the pier will still be there

Person 3- After all its where we grew up

ALL- Its part of us

Person 2-I wonder what we will be like?

Person 3-Will we be on the other side of the world?

Person 2- What Jobs do you think we’ll have

Person 1 – Do you think we’ll all still be friends?

Persons 2&3- Of course!

ALL exit chatting about our future job ideas

Music When I Grow up – Matilda the musical

Scene 2

20 years later slide

Person 4 in job costumes

workplace slide

Messenger- Evening doc

Doctor – evening . What can I do for you?

Messenger- Letter, doc. Here you are. Got to go now doc. More letters to deliver. Bye

Builder – What you want?

Messenger – Letter for you. Better be off then. Enjoy your day buddy

Builder – Ta. Now be off with you.

Police man – (Person 5 (extra)) Freeze your under arrest

Messenger: Freeze you got a letter

Policeman : Huh. What? OK. (lets criminal go)

(criminal runs off)

Policeman- oh no. Thanks anyway.

Open letter

Builder – You are invited to the opening of the time capsule buried 25 years ago.

Doctor – It will be held on the decking at the south end of the pier

Policeman – behind the Southern Pavilion on the 14th April 2040

Doctor – At 3-15 for all to see

Builder- Hold on. Today is the 14th of April and its 3 o’clock…

ALL – I need to go (cheesy arm movement.)

Scene 3

Beach with tide out backdrop

Chariot of fire music

Scene 4

Time capsule image

Harry – we are gathered here today to open the time capsule we buried in 2015 and remember our beloved Piers history. I’m delighted to be here to unveil the time capsule and I am proud that the new Youth Councillors have come to do it with me.

Ribbon is cut

Harry- The time capsule we buried 25 yeas ago is one of many memories so we shall now share some of these.

Doctor- I took a photo of the pier which went in the capsule. I’m sure I have it somewhere. (fumbles in pockets and pulls out photo) here we are.

Photo is shown on background.

Builder – In my youth I wrote poems. my contribution was a haiku to commemorate our dear Pier.

Policemen – And I added a video of the Youth Mayor and Deputy Youth mayor of 2015 on a Pier tour.

5-6 Youth Councillors stand up and say what they put in

Doctor- Hey Harry. Now we’ve opened the time capsule, what will we do in the next 25 years for the pier?

Harry- New Youth Councillors and Worthing, we must not forget the Pier. It is the heart of Worthing. So I give you the challenge of creating a new time capsule to commemorate the Pier as you know it, to be opened in 2065 and it shall preserve and share the Pier with future generations. We will meet back here in 2065 and my beard shall be 1 metre long!

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