Worthing Pier in the News Part III

Saturday 30th January 2016

A third visit was arranged today to visit Worthing Library to create the final set of news reports about Worthing Pier and Sea Front. In total 46 new reports were created. After spending two hours in the library viewing and scanning documents all present returned to the Glynn Owen Centre to edit and upload our final batch of articles.

To view just click on the thumbnail or on the the title of the article you wish to view.

Youth Council members present on the day: Bryn, Caitlin, Katy, Magda, Ollie and Sherry. Well done everyone on a job well done!

Magda and Sherri

Sherry and Magda editing scans in the Glynn Owen Centre

small scan 51                small scan 52

23.1.1987 When the sea freezes over           1.1.1954 Pier Entertainer

small scan 53                 small scale 54a

13.01.1950 Palm Court attendances            01.01.1954 Christmas Day Swim

small scan 55                          small scan 56

08.12.1966 Seaweed pays a visit             01.02.1987 Jumbo Surprise!

small scan 57                     small scan 58

23.01.1976 Stormy Weather!               01.02.1987 Seasonal line up  

08.05.1966 Tomorrow’s Regatta      01.06.1956 Shirley & The Deck Hands

08.05.1966 Holiday attractions        01.08.1954 Children’s Party

29.07.1966 Beauty Contest                 01.08.1954 Pantomime

27.07.1966 Show audiences drop     01.09.1987 Seaside battle!

13.07.1966 Beach vandalism               01.09.1987 Swimmer hits Lido!

01.07.1966 Dog show                             01.09.1987 Tarot Man

01.07.1966 Sale opens                           13.01.1956 Making history 

01.07.1966 Minister offers aid          13.01.1956 Pavilion Concert  

06.01.1950 Colourful Pantomime    13.01.1966 Councillors in the swim

28.05.1954 Girl champion                  16.01.1987 Pavilion costs

05.07.1954 Punch on the beach        16.01.1987 Youth Fair

05.07.1954 Mechanised Army           17.01.1956 Popular Pier Concerts

23.04.1954 Easter                                  17.01.1956 After the ball  

23.04.1954 Favourite spots               20.01.1965 Youth notes

16.04.1954 No beach flies                   20.01.1956 Nine dancers

29.01.1954 Weather figures              20.01.1956 First Fines!

20.01.1956 Music on the Pier           20.01.1956 Popular Pier Concerts

20.01.1956 500 at Youth Ball!         22.01.1956 Old time night  at the pier

Are you featured in any of the articles?      Did you attend any of these events?

If the answer to either question is “yes” please contact The Worthing Youth Council. Members of our group would welcome the opportunity to visit and talk to you about your memories of the town pier.

E-mail: info@worthingpier.org.uk 


Phil BracegirdleWorthing Pier in the News Part III