Gloria remembers

Worthing Pier Your StoryI remember going to the pier as a small child with my parents and it makes me happy to think about these memories as I will soon not be living at home and so it’s nice to have some memories with my parents and I’m glad Worthing Pier is one of them. I live in Bognor Regis but the pier there is not as good as Worthing. Loads of people still visit Worthing Pier and occasionally I go and sit right at the end of it with my friends eating fish and chips as it’s a peaceful and joyful atmosphere.

Georgii aged 17

I remember during the weekdays collecting up my penny’s and two pennies and getting excited to use them on the penny slots machine at the pier with my family and either playing on the arcade machines or just sit watching the seagulls. Worthing Pier is also important to me because I would go every year for my friend’s birthday where we would collect as many tickets as we can on the machines and get prizes, but I also keep some of the tickets as a memento to remember all of my amazing memories on the pier.

Olivia aged 18

My memory of the pier is walking along enjoying the water beneath my feet and delicious ice cream then reaching a rather sad looking building at the end with blackened – out windows! This building had a rather dubious reputation as a nightclub – which I never visited myself. The best memory is enjoying a lunch at the Denton Lounge at the beginning of the pier sitting outside on a glorious day having a wonderful “natter” with a good friend.

Gloria aged 68

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