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Worthing Pier Your StoryLeo Day’s family remembers

The memory my mum has of the pier is taking me and my brothers down to the pier when we were younger with lots of two pennies and putting them into the games in the amusement section of the pier, we then went to a kiosk on the beach to get an ice cream with a flake. My mum was also scared when she walked over the planks because she was afraid she was going to fall through into the water.

The memory my Grandpa has of the pier is going fishing with his dad when he was younger and catching his first ever fish and then going home and getting his mum to fillet it so he could have it for dinner.

The memories my brothers have of the pier are all the shows my parents took them and me too at the Pavilion and the light up toys that are sold there, some of the plays we saw were Bodger and Badger, The Chuckle Brothers and Jack Frosts Frozen Christmas.

The memory my dad has of the pier is going for walks with his parents along the beach to the pier when he was younger and getting an ice cream then going home.

The Memory I have of the pier is being a lost boy in a Peter Pan pantomime and performing in front of lots of people.

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Worthing Pier Memories


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