Memories from Southern Pavilion open day November 2014

1. Mr Bishop


Worthing Pier is special because it’s different from other Piers as they have lots of slot machines and are full of rides. However Worthing Pier is special because it’s different from other Piers as they have lots of slot machines and are full of rides. However his one doesn’t, it has this wonderful Southern Pavilion!I come from Littlehampton and this is the nearest town that is worth coming to. There are different events at this Southern Pavilion and really it is this Pier which keeps me coming to the town.

2. Mr and Mrs Baker (visitors to Worthing) and Mr and Mrs Ascott

Pavilion Open day nov 14

This is the first time we have visited the Pier, and if you are lucky enough to have a Pier it needs to be walked on, so here we are in this wonderful Southern Pavilion. We love the art deco feel of the room and Pier and feel very comfortable here. I feel as though I am in a cruise boat – Lovely.


The following are comments from people we talked to who didn’t want their photos taken or be filmed.

1. I love Worthing and the seafront and all it offers, it draws me to the Pier.

2. I am originally from Brighton, now from Worthing. I am attracted by the walk and the Southern Pavilion. I enjoy talking to people while on the Pier.

3. It is important to preserve and keep our Pier, keeping it safe from decaying rapidly. Piers are a big tourist attraction.

4. I live in Lancing , the renovations of the Southern Pavilion attracts us, it’s a great view out to sea, however they are generally more attracted to the Denton Lounge

5. Very peaceful, love the Southern Pavilion and this makes it the best Pier

6. We have only lived here for a short time we like the wind break down the middle of the Pier, we enjoy walking on the Pier because of the breeze and they adore the art work on the windows on the wind break they think it makes the Pier more colourful.

7. We are from Blackpool which has a huge seafront and miles of sand. We like the weather down here and the clean beach and Pier.

8. I moved from London and I enjoy the atmosphere on the Pier

9. I love in the Countryside and don’t often see the sea so it is nice to walk out onto it from time to time

10. I came here last in 1983 and there has been little change since then. The things I live are the brilliant view, it hasn’t burnt down, the Pavilion Theatre and I would like to see it in a storm.

11. I can remember the fire on the Pier in 1933 but only vaguely. I like the breeze you get on here and the peaceful area surrounding the Pier. I feel I am on a boat when I come to the Southern Pavilion. I prefer it to Brighton Pier which is not as calm and I like the fact there is no loud music all the time.

12. We come her often from Horsham, we like that you can park easily and cheaply. We like how quiet it is on the Pier and that it only takes 50mins to get here, oh I we love the wind breaks and the colourful windows

13. I have very few memories of the actual Pier but it has a lovely atmosphere, as a child I was taken a lot to see the sea.

14. This is the first time here, it is good that you have a working Pier, that there is no damage like other Piers in the area. Worthing is very lucky to still have a Pier with such a lovely promenade and walk ways, and I like the beach huts.

15. Piers should be walked on!

16. I can remember the Southern Pavilion being a night club and it made the building look very intimidating with blacked out windows and never being open during the day. It seemed a place which excluded a lot of people. It’s great that this has now been rectified and lovely to enjoy the inside and the views of the sea you get from being inside. It now gives a purpose for walking to the end of the Pier!

17. A great place for a large firework display!

Tim HallMemories from Southern Pavilion open day November 2014